Case Studies from schools

Providing security products and systems to nurseries, schools, colleges and academies is one of Harling Security’s specialities. We are experts in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining a wide range of security products such as automated gates, barriers, access control systems, railings, fences and more!

We are often tasked with replacing individual security products such as doors or gates, but we can just as easily manufacture and install an entirely new security system. St Edwards Royal Free School hired us to design and install a complete automatic gate system and matching railings.

Our client required secure automated gates but did not want an off the shelf design, which did not reflect the uniqueness of their school. St Edwards worked with our skilled designers to come up with a design for 2 sets of vehicle gates and one pedestrian access gate which offered the utmost security and style.

The final result was an aesthetically pleasing design that captured the intended aesthetic without having to compromise on safety or security.

To improve the safety and security of their staff and pupils, Newlands Girls’ School needed to update the security of their carpark. Harling Security manufactured and installed automatic sliding carpark and access gates anew with fencing to help secure the premises and ensure optimum traffic flow. We worked with the pre-existing carpark linework and layout to keep potential congestion down to a minimum and prevent bottlenecks during busy times, e.g. at the beginning and end of the school day. For more information about either our work at St Edwards Royal Free School or Newlands Girls’ School, please see below.

Below we have compiled a variety of case studies from projects we have worked on so that you can get a better idea of what we can do for you. Each case study gives an idea of the challenges experienced and the solutions which Harling Security provided.

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