Ensuring that your security products meet UK health and safety regulations is necessary for all premises, especially for commercial or public property sites. Particular attention should be paid to the legal requirements for automatic gates and barriers.

Automated gates and traffic barriers are of particular concern to public personal and vehicular safety, and once installed are the responsibility of the owner or landlord. Extra care should be taken to ensure proper and regular maintenance is carried out by accredited professionals in order to guarantee the reliability and functionality of the gate or barrier.

Along with acquiring certain documentation (see our checklist for gate and barrier safety) automated gates and barriers ought to be maintained and serviced at least every 6 months by an accredited installer. However, the responsibility and liability, should anything go wrong, will still rest on the owner, unless a service contract is entered into. A service contract will ensure the regular maintenance and repair of your automated gates and barriers, with all safety responsibility being put back on the installation company. Harling Security offers several maintenance packages to give you peace of mind.

Installers such as Harling Security are accredited by the DHF and have undertaken rigorous training about legislative requirements for gate safety. All DHF members have a diploma in gate safety, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

In addition to the regular gate and barrier maintenance, there are a number of documents and records which need to be kept up to date including an on-site maintenance log, instruction manuals, certification of a force test, risk assessment documentation and a certificate of compliance. You will also need to make sure that your gate or barrier has been manufactured in compliance with regulations and displays a CE marking with a unique identification.

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