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Here at Harling Security, we understand that schools, nurseries, colleges, academies and other educational premises have very specific safety and security requirements. Ensuring the safety of students and staff is paramount to all educational establishments, but with a steady flow of parents, tradespeople and other visitors, it can be difficult to establish an adequate security system. That’s where Harling Security come in!

We have over 20 years of experience designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining security products created for use in the public sector and high-risk premises where extra security and safety is sometimes needed. We manufacture and install a range of security products for educational establishments, including school entrance gates, railings, fences, steel doors, roller shutters, security cages, grilles, turnstiles and barriers. Most of our school security products can be installed as automated products to make optimum school security easier to achieve. Managing carparks at the beginning and end of the school day can also be a challenge for schools. However, our made to measure security gates and traffic control security products can help make pick-ups and drop-offs easier for parents, students and local residents by helping to manage the flow of traffic.

Harling Security design and manufacture all of their own products. This means that we can offer specialised and bespoke security products which suit the specific aesthetic and safety requirements of your school or college. So, if you want a personalised emblem, logo or name on your entrance school gates – look no further! Add a flair of creativity and style to your school entrance with Harling Security.

We also offer a range of access control systems particularly suited for educational sites, including card and fob entry systems, CCTV, automated gates, traffic lights, video-com integration, keypads, intercoms and ANPR systems. Access control systems help to maximise the security on a site by allowing careful control and monitoring of people trying to gain entry.

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