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Designers, manufacturers and installers of education security products for schools and colleges

Secure premises

Designers, manufacturers and installers of education security products for schools and colleges, we specialise in supplying high quality roller shutters, steel doors, security gates, barriers, turnstiles, security and decorative grilles, plus fencing, security cages, railings, fire curtains, access control solutions and anything else you might need to keep your educational premises secure.

Standards compliant

Schools and colleges can often become targets for break ins, vandalism or damage. We provide security products and services that comply with the highest UK safety standards and regulations, helping your organisation keep itself secure from these kind of threats.

Beyond sales

As well as our high quality security products – trusted by hundreds of educational establishments throughout the country – our maintenance and repairs service provides you with peace of mind, knowing the security for your premises will be kept up to date and in perfect working order.

Ensuring the safety of children, students and staff in schools and colleges is of paramount importance. However, because schools are a high traffic environment, with a regular stream of visitors, suppliers, parents, guests and other service providers – it can sometimes be difficult to ensure optimum security. This makes schools and colleges particularly susceptible to access abuse from burglars, vandals and those with nefarious intentions.

Harling Security has a wealth of experience designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining security products for schools and colleges. Our security products for schools and colleges are fully compliant with UK safety standards and regulations to ensure that premises are kept secure from outside threats.

As we design and manufacture our own range of security products, we are able to tailor most of our products to meet the specific needs of particular premises. We provide robust and high-quality fencing, security gates, barriers, turnstiles, railing, access control, roller shutters and anything else you could possibly need to meet your security requirements!

Normally, schools, nurseries and colleges will require access control management. Segregated access to the main reception usually requires visitors to be vetted before being given access to the rest of the site. Harling Security are specialists in access control solutions such as CCTV, MIS systems, BMS systems, and signing in systems such as card and fob entry systems. Our access solutions work in tandem with manual or automated security gates, turnstiles and doors to provide the ultimate automated entrance systems for ensured student staff and premises safety.

Our made to measure security gates are available for all manner of educational requirements from manual gates to fully automated. Decorative gates can also be provided, and all of our entrance gates can be customised with a school name or logo.

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