School Security Servicing and Maintenance

We provide a high quality maintenance and servicing solution for all your school security products – whether they’re our own brand or not

Harling Security offer a range of servicing and maintenance packages for schools and colleges, incorporating quick response times in the case of an emergency, with ongoing maintenance service options for the ultimate in hassle free servicing.

You don’t have to have one of our own branded solutions to take advantage of our service and maintenance offers, as we’re happy to maintain and service any type of school security product (gates, fencing, access control etc) to the highest standards you’d expect from a firm with our reputation for quality.

Our ongoing maintenance packages will ensure your school security equipment is kept safe and up to date with all the current government standards and regulations – taking one headache away from your daily routine.

All packages include risk assessments (if relevant to your product), force testing for automated gates. A certificate of conformity is also provided on completion for you to be sure of the quality of the servicing and maintenance work carried out.

Please see our regulations page for more information on legal requirements for automatic gates.

Electric Gate Repair Experts

We have been providing electric gate repairs and installation to educational institutions for a very long time.  Our technicians are some of the best in the business when it comes to troubleshooting and fixing potential gate safety issues or performance issues. However, we are also quick to respond to sudden failure, which can adversely affect the institution’s regular schedule and safety.

As a company, we pride ourselves on offering professional, affordable and quick repair services that institutions can rely on when needed. So, consider us a one-stop solution for all your school’s gate automation, repair and installation needs.

Why Choose Harling’s Premium Electric Gate Service and Maintenance Service?

Maintaining electric gate systems can be expensive for many schools and colleges. However, Harling’s electric gate repairs and maintenance is the “go-to” service for many reasons, which include but isn’t limited to:

  • Our engineers are some of the most highly qualified and experienced, meaning they can fix a problem a lot quicker than most engineers, often saving additional call outs, time and therefor expense.
  • Our gate engineers work to proactively identify potential problems on all site visits so that they can be addressed to prevent sudden failure
  • Our expert team provides documented maintenance
  • We make sure your school’s automated gate meets all present legislative standards. Harling’s gate maintenance service ensures your gates are fully compliant with the latest regulations.
  • Seasoned engineers man our gate installation and repair service to prolong the life of your automated gate
  • Our gate repair service technicians come prepared to handle everything with fully stocked parts and equipment, saving time, cost and additional unnecessary visits.
  • Reliable gate repair on a scheduled basis
  • We also remind our clients of when their electric gates are due for maintenance
  • Excellent customer service – Our teams are always willing and ready to help by answering any questions you might have about our service.
  • We provide you with an account manager and have a well manned service desk, ensuring we are always at the other end of the phone if needed.

Competitively Priced Automatic Gate Services

As a company, we have made sure that our customers are treated to a professional yet affordable service. Our maintenance agreements are not the cheapest on the face of it, but our experienced senior engineers, save you money in the long term, by fixing problems first time, saving you having to repeat call outs for the same problem.

This quality of service means we are actually more cost effective over the course of a year. Whether you need us for one-time gate automation or choose to bring us on board for annual maintenance, we assure you of the very best service and quality.

How Often Should Automatic Gates Be Serviced?

The frequency at which your automatic gates are serviced will depend primarily on how many cycles they perform each day. A “Cycle” is each time a gate opens and then closes. A single ‘cycle’ is the gate opening and then closing. Generally speaking, a school’s automatic gate system will need to be serviced at least twice a year.

We provide schools and colleges with automatic gate servicing & maintenance regardless of who installed the gate and when. However, to ensure that the gate repair and maintenance is carried out as required, we will initially inspect it (the gate), mainly running through a checklist of tests and observations.

Harling also provides preventive automatic gate maintenance services, including lubrication of all mechanical components, which follows a thorough inspection and testing of all related devices. Our inspection is in line with the present guidance provided by the Powered Gate Group of Door and Hardware Federation and the HSE.

  • The initial electric gate inspection includes:
    • We will check to make sure that the motors operating force is within legal limits.
    • Our team will also check the structural integrity of the gate.
    • An annual risk assessment will be carried out.
    • The service records and O&M manual will be updated each year.
    • We closely examine basic gate safety features like the joints to ensure that they are adequately welded to ensure no unexpected bending or potential fractures
    • We check if the electric gate is appropriately lubricated and, if not, will fill the required lubrication and hydraulic fluid.
    • our experts will also check the underground drainage and box if applicable.
    • We also check the electric gate’s control box is properly sealed preventing insect and water ingress.

Why Is Automatic Gate Maintenance Important for Schools and Colleges?

Gate automation systems are an investment in security. Regular servicing ensures that your gates are safe and comply with the latest legislation, which further reduces your chances of potential issues that could impact or impede the school’s day to day running.

Our maintenance agreements are meant to ensure that your educational institution experiences little to no disruptive downtime while meeting all present safety regulations. Gate systems also require regular maintenance to ensure that they comply with the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) standards and the gate manufacturer’s listed recommendations to ensure that the motorized gate continues to operate flawlessly.

We Check and Service the Electric Gate Motor

Unfortunately, the electric gate’s motor is overlooked by many because it is assumed that they can last for many years without needing maintenance. The motor in security gates and electric gates is an essential part of the system since it is responsible for opening and closing the gate when needed. Proper maintenance of the motor is key to ongoing reliability of the gate system.

Whether you have swing gates installed or any other, our team makes sure to examine the primary and secondary motors (if they are any). The goal is to determine if they are operating optimally and, if not, then find the issue to fix it. If the motor is found to be losing power because of age, wear or any other issue, we’ll often recommend that it be replaced. Replacing the motor ensures that the gate continues to operate optimally without unexpected failure, which could often require extensive repairs.

Gate Repairs That are a Call Away

Professional gate repair is imperative to the safety of the security of your institution. We have a team of gate automation, repair and installation experts that are just one call away. Whether you need quick repairs, have an immediate maintenance request, or require an annual inspection, you can be assured of our prompt response. Feel free to call our electric gate experts today for a quote or find out more about our services.

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