Automatic gate safety checklist


Risks to pedestrians from automatic gates and barriers have been the cause of concern since around 2010 when the unfortunate death of two children was caused by two unrelated incidents with automated gates. Legislation has since been enacted to ensure the safety of automatic gates and barriers to members of the public.

One of the major changes in regulations has been with regards to the necessity of force tests. A force test assesses the maximum force generated by the gate when meeting a person or other obstacle. Periodic force testing ensures that the maximum force generated by a specific gate is under the maximum legally allowed. This helps to make sure that potential damage to a person or obstacle in the way of an automated gate is kept to an absolute minimum.

People in charge of automatic or powered gates need to make sure that regular servicing and maintenance is carried out on all gates under their jurisdiction to avoid public and legal liability. Entering into a service contract with an accredited installer is one of the best ways to avoid problems arising from lack of compliance and liability. A service contract will ensure that the company providing maintenance and repair services will be responsible for the ongoing safety and legal compliance of automated gates and barriers – meaning that you no longer have to deal with the hassle of figuring out gate safety for yourself. Here at Harling Security, we offer a range of maintenance packages for the continued upkeep of your entire security system, to give you peace of mind that you are complying with UK and EU legislation.

Of course, there is more to automated gate safety than regular servicing, and we have created a PDF document with two essential checklists for guaranteeing that you are legally compliant with gate health and safety regulations. Click on the image below to find out more!

Click the image below to download a PDF of our Automatic Gate Safety Checklist to see if your gates are compliant with current regulations.

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