Commercial Access Control Systems

Commercial establishments require top notch security when it comes to door and gate access control systems

Harling Security are specialists in access control systems and security for commercial premises.

Access control systems can be installed to all your new or existing gates and doors, with a wide range of systems being available to suit the specific security requirements of your property.

Our range of door control and entry access systems can work with MIS systems, CCTV, vending machines, printer control, BMS systems, signing in systems etc, plus many other types of applications.

Maintenance and servicing packages are available with comprehensive support and back up solutions which will fit in with all your establishment’s security requirements.

Benefits and Features

  • 5 year parts warranty*
  • High performance units
  • Networked Systems to provide control from a central point
  • User friendly systems
  • Integration with BMS and MIS systems
  • Integration with CCTV systems
  • Video intercom integration
  • Mobile phone and app integration
  • Printer integration for ID cards
  • Paxton net 2 system specialist
  • Paxton Gold approved installer


  • Card and Fob entry systems
  • Timer controls
  • Traffic light systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Keypads
  • ANPR systems
  • Video entry
  • CCTV integration
  • ID card systems
  • Biometric and facial recognition options
  • Lockdown and panic systems
  • Automatic alerts for alarms and problems reporting.
  • Fire alarm integration, with reporting options
  • Touch screen and signing in systems
  • Time and attendance options
  • BMS and MIS system integration


  • Entrance doors
  • Office blocks
  • Colleges
  • Academies
  • Car parks
  • Entrances and exits
  • Gates and barriers
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