Below, we have compiled a collection of PDF security brochures which contain more information about the various security products and services on offer at Harling.

Here at Harling Security, we offer a range of security solutions and services from consultation all the way through to manufacturing, installation and maintenance. We provide services for every stage of your security needs- taking the hassle out of installing a new security system! We work with commercial, industrial and public sector premises – so whatever your security requirements are, you are sure to find us more than capable of surpassing them.

We specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing security products such as steel doors, manual gates, automated gates, roller shutters, fencing, barriers and railings. But we also provide other aspects of a complete security system such as access control systems, e.g. intercoms, CCTV, traffic lights, card fob entry units, panic control and fire alarm integration.

So, if you are in charge of installing security products on a commercial premise, please check out our ‘Commercial Brochure’ for more information about what we can do for you and your business. Our ‘Corporate Brochure’ gives a general overview of what Harling Security offers clients; have a read of this brochure if you would also like to see some of our finished work in schools, hospitals, residential businesses, industrial premises and retail units.

We also have PDFs detailing the range and variety of security gates, steel doors, roller shutters and security grilles which Harling Security are able to provide. Each of these brochures goes into depth in illustrating the various options for each type of security product and the benefits of each, allowing you to understand better which security options will be best for your premises. Of course, contacting us for a no-obligation consultation and quotation is the best way to find out which of our products would be most suitable for your commercial, industrial, residential or private property!

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