The Paxton Net2 is a very flexible and user-friendly networked access control system that has been designed to help simplify the management of any building. The Net2 access system is not only easy to use but has excellent features that go beyond the basics of controlling the flow of people around any building seeing that it offers other benefits such as building control and system integration.

The Paxton Net2 is an excellent solution for any business that is in search of a complete security system. The system is perfect for smaller businesses that require moderate access as well as larger organizations that have future expansion plans. When talking about access control, it’s all about controlling access for your entire building or premises or even just a given area of your entire premise.

An access control system is meant to secure your building electronically instead of the traditional lock and key method. Because it is electronically controlled with tokens and readers, you get to decide who gets access, where exactly they get access to and when they have that access. The Net2 is not only simple and modern, but it is a flexible security system that gives you complete control., Paxton Net2 Access Control System

The Net2, unlike other access control systems, isn’t complicated and has a very professional look. They are so easy to use that one doesn’t need to be trained on how to use them. Designed with the end-user in mind, they are convenient and as simple as they come.


Why Invest in the Net2 Access Control System?

When looking to invest in an access control system, it’s important to find one that will be suitable for your needs as well as the dynamics of your building. The Paxton Net2 access control system has a lot to offer, which helps you effectively manage and control your building with ease. Below are some reasons why you should install a Net2 access control for your building.

  • Simple System Management

As mentioned, the system is easy to use, which means that you won’t have to struggle with adding users. Being an intuitive system, you can also manage reports without any specialist technical knowledge, which means that the system can be used by anyone. The home screen can be tailored with the details of your installer, which makes it easy to contact them should you experience any challenges. Besides enjoying free upgrades after the one-time software purchase, the Net2 can also be installed to multiple PCs at no cost.

  • High-Security System

A good access control system should guarantee you a high level of security. That said, the Net2 has an emergency lockdown feature that helps you secure your building with just one touch of a button. This feature is very important, especially when you have sensitive areas in your building that need to be secured in case of an emergency.

You also have the flexibility of adding different layers of control to your premises. This can be done by securing certain zones and setting the alarm in case an intruder gains access to your building. In addition, the system has an anti-passback feature that helps prevent unauthorized access, especially in cases where users share tokens as you can set time delays in the software of the Net2.

  • Sophisticated System Integration

Unlike most systems that can create false alarms, the Net2 system lets you integrate your intruder alarm so as to lower false alarms. This feature allows you to control access system and an intruder as one across multiple areas of your premises. Besides integrating your fire alarm, you can also program your system to automatically open fire doors in case of an emergency.

The system also lets you generate an automated report on roll calls whenever a fire alarm is triggered. This way, you are able to know the people who are safe and who isn’t once the evacuation has been finalized. Easily streamline your CCTV cameras with the Net2 system, which gives you an efficient and quick way to view the footage.

The best part is that you can also integrate the Net2 Entry system with the Paxton smart audio/video door entry system for a 360-degree security solution. With the Net2 Entry, you are able to recognize a guest before they are given entry to your premises. You can also give access as needed. By integrating the Net2 access control system and the Net2 Entry, you get to enjoy extra features such as having the lights go on/off whenever a visitor enters or leaves a building.

  • Improved HR Processes

, Paxton Net2 Access Control SystemSystems are designed to help you save time and dedicate that time elsewhere. The Net2 access control system can help improve processes at your premises, saving the time of your human resource department. For starters, the system is able to help keep track of staff hours thanks to the timesheet. The timeline feature helps monitor the time and attendance of your staff even when they are on holiday or on sick leave. The Net2 access control system has the capacity to develop professional looking ID cards that can be used as access cards by your staff.


Why an Access Control System Instead of Locks?

Today, technological advancements have helped improve different sectors of our lives. Before the invention of access control systems, most buildings and premises had to secure their businesses by simply locking them with a key. Times have since changed, and with the invention of access control systems such as the Net2 access control system, any building owner doesn’t need to rely on a lock and key. Below are various reasons why access control is a lot better than a lock and key system.

  • Convenient

If you still carry around huge bunches of keys, imagine what would happen should they get lost. It means that all the locks in your premises will have to be replaced so as to ensure your site is 100 per cent secure. However, an access control system is a lot more convenient than a lock and key.

  • Modern

Today, access control systems have replaced the traditional lock and key system. Access control systems will help you save both time and money once the system has been installed. While there are others where you will need to upgrade your software every now and then at a fee, the Net2 system has a one-off fee, and you won’t have to pay for any software updates.

  • Secure

With an access control system, you are guaranteed that your premises will be well-secured. This is because every staff member or visitor gets issued with their own individual token or card. As such, you are not only able to keep track of who accesses what area of the building, but you can also limit their access to certain areas of the building.

  • Economical

In the event you lose your bunch of keys, it’s going to cost you money to replace all the locks and get the needed keys for your staff for access. However, with an access control system, you won’t have to change any locks in case a staff member loses their access card or token something that you can’t enjoy with a lock and key system.


Benefits of an Access Control System

There are plenty of good reasons why you should consider an access control system.

  • Securing your building

Your staff needs to feel that they are well protected and secure regardless of where they are working. In addition, you also want to protect your assets from theft. There is no better way to do this , Paxton Net2 Access Control Systemthan to invest in a good access control system. A good access system, such as the Net2 access control system should be reliable at all times. In case a crime or incident takes place at your building, you need to be able to isolate certain areas as well as track who was where in any given time.

  • 24/7 Security

Besides being able to secure your building, a good access control system helps you secure your building both day and night and might even save you money by eliminating the need to hire nigh-time security. And because an access control system helps you restrict different areas of your buildings, you are able to decide who goes where and can even decide what time of day they can have access to the area. As such, you have 24/7 control over your building’s security and can be rest assured that your premises are protected even beyond the normal working hours.

  • Access control form multiple PCs

Depending on the access control system you install, you can control it from multiple PCs as you wish. For instance, the Net2 system can be installed in multiple PCs, and all doors can then be controlled from either one or all the PCs. In addition, you can update the access level of any user at any given time. By creating zones in your building, you can give specific users who need access to such areas. What’s more, you can monitor the working hours of your staff.

  • Save energy and money

Most businesses look for ways that they can save money. One way of doing this is by avoiding energy wastage hence saving on energy bills. The Net2, for instance, has a feature that allows the lights to go on and off when someone enters or leaves a room. In addition, the system has also been designed with energy saving capabilities and a green energy footprint.

  • Flexible

An access system that is complex and rigid will waste both your time and that of your staff. A complex system means that you will have to invest in training your employees before they can learn how to use it. However, a flexible system lets you control who goes where and when and restricts and danger areas. Best part is that access privileges can be customized for individuals or groups both during the day or night.

  • False Alarms

, Paxton Net2 Access Control SystemWhen a false alarm goes off in a building, it doesn’t just send people into a panic frenzy, but it also means time is lost as employees try figuring out what’s going on. Also, being woken up at night with an intruder alarm only to realize that it was a false alarm can be very annoying. Besides, if your intruder alarm keeps going off and the police have to go to your building, and there are no intruders, you can lose their response. A good access system is, therefore, able to prevent anyone without permission to unlock the alarm, saving you from getting false alarms.


Why Paxton Access Systems?

Choosing to invest in an access control system is a venture that shouldn’t be taken lightly. While the cost of purchasing and installing the access control system matters a lot, the efficiency of the system you opt for will make a huge difference at the end of the day. This means that it needs to suit your specific needs and be as reliable as you need it to be.

Paxton Access is a company that specializes in providing access control solutions. They can be relied upon to develop systems that fit their purpose and have the most important features that are needed for running your organization. Given their commitment, they have been able to manufacture products that have won the hearts of many, given their ease of use and reliability.

An access control system can bring about a huge change to any company practice, especially if they were initially using a lock and key system. Installing an access control system should give an extra layer of security without it being a time-consuming venture. This is what Paxton Access control systems offer. They are straightforward, intuitive, and easy to use. With increased security, everyone benefits and not just one person.

Paxton, access control systems, are not only high-quality systems but they are also reliable making it easy for you to control all areas of your building. Given the confidence they have in their products, any Paxton Access product you purchase comes with a five-year guarantee. The Net2 software does not have any unexpected or hidden costs and hence is the perfect control system to consider when looking for an access control system for your building.


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