Why Criminals Hate Security Gates

Most criminals prefer targeting properties they can easily access or breach. Their goal is to get into a property, steal and leave the scene before the police or other security agencies can catch up with them. Because of this, criminals hate properties fitted with security gates and will typically avoid them when planning their next target.

If you’re looking for a solid way to keep burglars and vandals at bay, it’s essential that you have a security gate installed at your school or business.

Luckily, most commercial and residential properties have automatic gates that can be operated remotely with access control. These gates offer reliable protection 24/7 and eliminate the need to hire a security team on a property.

Some of the added security features you’ll find on most security gates include razor wire, wire coils, anti-climb spikes, and barbed wires.

In this post, we discuss the benefits of security gates and why criminals hate them. We hope these benefits will help you see the sense in having these gates installed at your business premises.

Prevent Smash and Grab Robberies

Smash and grab robberies are the most common crimes committed against businesses. These robberies involve breaking through the window or door and quickly stealing valuables from a business premises.

And because such types of robberies take a few minutes to execute, most criminals manage to avoid getting caught by the police. Even if the alarm at your business location goes off during the heist, it’s unlikely the police would be able to arrive in time to nab the culprits at the scene.

Installing a security gate at your business property can be one of the most effective’s ways of preventing smash and grab crimes. These gates are a physical barrier that criminals will find hard to breach within minutes.

Moreover, even if the thieves are equipped with sophisticated tools, it going to be a tall order to execute a robbery within a short time span if there’s a sturdy security gate in place. In short, criminals don’t want to get caught so they’d rather rob properties without security gates.

, Why Criminals Hate Security GatesDeter Shoplifting and Vandalism

Besides warding off smash and grab thieves, security gates also deter other types of crimes, such as shop lifting and vandalism. Most shop lifting or vandalism incidences occur when no one is paying attention. A security gate protects your business from shoplifters as they have to first pass through a physical barrier before they can access your valuables.

Additional benefits of installing security gates

While the main purpose of installing security gates is to protect your property against theft, these fixtures come with other perks as well. Obviously, the more you’re willing to spend on a security gate, the more security features you’ll get.

But it’s important to evaluate your business security needs and budget before you begin thinking about having a security gate installed. Aside from offering you and your property protection, here are other benefits of security gates you should know:

, Why Criminals Hate Security GatesCan be operated with convenience

Metal security gates, especially those used in commercial or industrial facilities can be operated automatically, meaning you don’t have to be physically present where your business is located to open or close the gate. These gates also eliminate the need to hire guards, thereby saving you money that you’d otherwise pay in the form of salaries.

Come with desirable user safety features

Most automatic gates happen to be significantly heavy, with some weighing up to 20,000 pounds, but they do move with speed when being open or closed. Luckily, modern security gates have user safety features included such as photoelectric sensors, warning signage, audible warning devices, pressure sensors, safety cages, screening, etc. Such features are designed to protect you and your employees against injury, in addition to preventing property damage.

Come in many attractive designs

Modern security gates come in many attractive designs. While their main purpose is to thwart burglaries and other types of crimes, security gates can be designed to match the look and feel of your property’s architecture and landscaping. Some gates feature custom masonry and lighting, making them a lot more attractive. It so happens that security gates don’t have to be intimidating to protect you and your property.

Increase the value of your property

A sturdy and attractive security gate not only increases the value of your property but can also make the property more marketable. In essence, it’s much easier to sell a property fitted with a well-designed gate than one without.

Lower insurance premium

Did you know that installing a security gate can actually help you pay lower insurance premiums? Most insurers will assess the level of security at your business premises before setting a monthly premium. Properties with security gates and other added security features are certainly going to pay lower premium rates.

Protect schools & children against harm

Security gates for schools can also be useful in protecting and restricting the movement of children around schools, colleges and universities. With incidents in schools rising at alarming levels, it’s imperative every educational establishment has implemented the most basic of security for their property to protect staff, students, and parents.

, Why Criminals Hate Security Gates

Enhance Your privacy

While the main aim of a security gate is to prevent crimes such as smash and grab, these gates can also enhance your privacy. Remember, lots of businesses receive lots of unwanted solicitors who disregard basic privacy rules. Installing a security gate ensures you only deal with people interested in transacting business and not mere trespassers or sneaky salesmen.

Wrapping up

Security gates come with lots of advantages. They help us deter all kinds of crimes when installed at our homes or in commercial facilities. Criminals hate them to death because they deny them the opportunity to steal and vandalize valuables on the go.

If you’re looking to secure your business premises against theft, you shouldn’t think twice about investing in security gates. And the good news is that security gates come in all shape and sizes, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that fits your requirements and budget.

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