The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed life and work for all of us, with public expectations around safety, hygiene and infection control continuing to grow every day as we learn more about the virus. With early evidence suggesting that primary symptoms include a fever and temperature; businesses and organisations across all sectors must take appropriate measures to protect their staff and customers from the spread of the virus. At Harling Security, our range of fever screenings systems can help you proceed with confidence.

Entering a new normal safely and hygienically must involve a total rethink in our approaches to symptom-spotting, crowd control and sanitary process. In order to survive under the current challenges, business and organisational leaders must invest in infrastructure which facilitates social distancing, strong ventilation and high standards of hygiene. And, whilst solutions like sanitising stations and plexiglass screens will play an important role, few tools allow premises to screen their visitors for signs of live infection. 

A Plug-and-Play Solution for Infection Control


Harling Security are here to play our role in the fight against Covid-19 with truly innovative plug-and-play, ready-to-use fever screening CCTV kits, complete with leads and a power supply. Pre-configured and ready-to-use straight out of the packaging, the user-friendly connection centre allows for a quick and simple installation process with no wiring up required. The plug-and-play aspect of Harling’s Fever Screening Systems make the product highly adaptable, transportable and a strong first line of defence in the protection of children, staff, visitors and contractors.

What separates our plug-and-play fever screening system from other thermal imaging products on the market? Aside from the advantages guaranteed by its pre-configured and ready-to-use modelling, Harling Security’s fever screen system is highly advanced, monitoring and detecting any persons’ temperature entering the property and sounding alerts and alarms so that members of staff and the general public are kept within a safe space on the premises. 

The Benefits and Applications of Our Fever Screening Systems


Our plug-and-play fever screen systems are designed to monitor up to 30 people at any one time, registering the temperature of any individual within that range in under one second. The highly advanced nature of our system means that the likelihood of false alarms are significantly reduced, even working effectively if individuals are holding hot drinks or wearing hats, scarves and even balaclavas. Fever Screening Systems by Harling Security are accurate to +/- 0.5°, providing early alerts if a temperature is presented that is outside of the ordinary. When you choose us, you can work with added peace of mind around the protection of your premises and those who enter it.

We are proud to provide a top-of-the-range product which offers several advantages of other thermal imaging solutions. The benefits of Harling Security’s fever screening systems include:

  • One second to detect skin-surface temperature of an individual;
  • Simultaneous, multi-person detection;
  • No physical contact thanks to non-contact measurement;
  • Immediate alarms to notify operators;
  • Reduction in false alarms thanks to AI detection;
  • Temperature measurement range: 30-45 degrees C;
  • Working temperature: 10-35 degrees C; and
  • Quality of Product: All products are manufactured to the highest of standards including our Black Body Calibration* device – all of which are CE Certified.

Applications Across a Range of Industries


Regardless of the sector you work in, the risks of Covid-19 are ever-present and constantly changing. That’s why we’re proud to say that our plug-and-play thermal screening systems have strong and convenient applications across a range of industries, including hospitality, retail and industrial settings. We’ve picked out some key sectors where our thermal imaging solutions can act as a strong line of defence against the transmission of viral infection:

Fever Screening for Hospitality


Few industries were hit just as hard by Covid-19 as hospitality, with the risk of localised infections threatening the closure of affected businesses into the future. By choosing our fever screen systems, you can take a strong step towards protecting the continuity of your business and the health of your staff and customers.

  • Rapid Installation: Our fever screening camera simply connects to a laptop or PC to give a thermographic image AND temperature for every hotel, restaurant or bar customer. All leads are pre-prepared.
  • User Friendly: An audio warning indicates a raised fever in any visitor to a hospitality outlet. Up to 30 people can be monitored at one time – ideal for bar and dining rooms scenarios.
  • Contact Free: Ensure that your visitors’ hospitality experience is as relaxing and normal as it should be with a screen system that is contact free and unobtrusive.

Fever Screening for Retail


Lockdown measures had a significant impact on non-essential retail, leading to significant job losses in this sector. With Harling Security’s fever screen solutions, you can open your retail environment in a way that protects staff, customers, visitors and contractors. 

  • Multi-person scanning: Crowded retail environments provide a prime location for the spread of Covid-19. Our fever screening systems take the temperature of multiple individuals at once, providing security at times of increased business. 
  • Rapid detection: The highly advanced, high-end nature of our fever screening systems means that an individual’s skin-surface temperature is recorded within one second, allowing your retail business to work with added peace of mind.
  • Immediate alarms: At Harling Security, we pride ourselves on the ultra-responsive nature of our fever screening systems. Our solutions sound immediate alarms and notifications to operators, allowing staff and customers to stay within a safe space.

Fever Screening for Industry Environments


Industry leaders across a range of sectors now carry the added responsibility of protecting staff, contractors and all visitors to their premises. With our fever screening systems, you can continue to work productively and safely, minimising any downtime that may be caused by Covid infection.

  • Reduced false alarms: Our intuitive AI detection system significantly reduces the likelihood of false alarms, even if your site’s visitors are holding hot drinks or wearing hats or scarves – minimising disruption as a whole. 
  • Strong measurement range: Our fever screening systems boast a temperature measurement range of 30-45 degrees C, with a working temperature of 10-35 degrees 
  • Superior quality: Harling’s fever screening products are manufactured to the highest of standards, all of which are CE Certified. With this certification, your industry environment can enter the new normal in confidence. 

Fever Screening Systems: How Harling Can Help


Here at Harling Security, we recognise that businesses and organisations across all sectors are charting new and unfamiliar territory as we enter a new kind of normal. We also recognise that many organisations may not know which tool is best for them until they know the full range of options available to them. That’s why the team at Harling are proud to offer a consultative approach, identifying the best fever screen system for your premises. 


We’re proud to play our role in the fight against Covid with a highly-advanced, industry-leading fever screening solution – and we can use our solution to make your new normal as normal as possible.

Are you taking the right steps to protect children, staff and customers at your premises? Take those first steps towards controlling the risk of infection by contacting us today to discuss your requirements. Or, visit our fever screening products section to learn more. Don’t wait!

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