Every school needs to secure its premises.

As unsettling as it may feel to imagine criminals breaking into a school, we can’t afford to turn a blind eye to this possibility. Schools, after all, are just as much the target of burglars as business premises.

Many schools today have signed up for surveillance systems—almost indispensable in this day and age—but not enough of them are taking their physical security game seriously. While surveillance cameras and alarms are certainly needed, physical security gates are essential to deter vandals.

Bearing in mind that cameras and alarms are only useful after a crime is committed, a good school security gate and fencing is the only surefire way to ensure that the crime does not happen in the first place.

Let’s now have a look at a variety of situations in which physical security gates offer some much-needed protection for schools:

Protecting students and staff during school hours

Strange things can happen on a normal school day. And it is the responsibility of the institution’s management to at least shield their students from any malicious people lurking around.

While members of the public are required to sign in with the office when they enter the premises, there are often no measures in place to enforce this rule.

, Keeping Schools Safe with Physical SecurityIt’s vital that the places where students spend their time—classrooms, hallways, etc., have restricted access. The school can easily install security doors and access control systems in hallways, doorways and corridors to prevent unauthorized access.

Physical barriers will not only keep criminals on the other side, but also act as a visual deterrent. Potential criminals will only need to have one look at the security gates to know that the institution takes the security of its staff and students seriously.

Access restriction during public events

Any public event held in a school is definitely one of the more common scenarios where physical security gates are a must-have. Consider, as an example, that you are hosting a concert in the auditorium. When your school’s premises are open to the general public like this, you’ll want to keep some areas restricted: think offices, classrooms and facilities where outsiders have no business accessing.

, Keeping Schools Safe with Physical Security

Off-hour security

During the night and on weekends, when no staff members are around, security gates can offer a much-needed barrier of protection. A lot of schools happen to be the target of burglars—and sadly, quite a few have been easy prey for the smarter burglars out there.

By simply installing a physical barrier in the form of a security gate, you can prevent unauthorized access during the off-hours and keep your school’s property safe. You can then easily roll or fold these gates during school days to open up access as needed.

Types of security gates

, Keeping Schools Safe with Physical SecurityNow that we’ve seen how security gates can come in handy, let’s quickly review some of the options, shall we?

Swing gates

These are primarily used on residential properties. They open away from or towards the vehicle. You can choose between automatic and manually operated swing gates. There’s also a wide range of access control systems for operating these gates.

Sliding gates

These gates slide sideways to allow access. They’re not as easy to maintain as swing gates, but may be useful where space is a concern. They are also available in automatic and manual makes.

Bi-folding gates

Bi-folding gates have two leaves that meet at the center in the closed position. They come in a wide array of designs, and depending on the needs of the premises, can either be fully automated or manually operated.

Security Fencing

In addition to securing your school with security gates, you might also want to consider security fencing. Security fences are difficult to climb, making it very difficult for intruders to get into your protected areas. They are available in a range of aesthetically pleasing options, and are also easy to maintain.

Access control systems  

, Keeping Schools Safe with Physical SecurityTo enhance the operation of your physical security barriers, you can install access control systems on top of all your new or existing doors and gates. These systems can easily integrate with you signing systems, surveillance systems and a wide range of other applications.

Wrapping up

Physical security gates are an essential part of every school’s security system. They work well in conjunction with your CCTV cameras, alarms, and guards to provide you all-round protection round the clock.

But they also offer what all those other security systems cannot offer—a physical barrier that keeps potential criminals away. And as we might all know, it’s probably cheaper to prevent a burglary than to recover from it.

There are a number of options available when it comes to choosing the right physical security gate for your school, and you can always install additional access control systems to enhance their operation.


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