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To protect valuable assets against loss, theft, pilferage or damage, lots of companies are adopting the use of wire mesh security cages. The cages are great at securing inventory, cutting down shrinkage and enhancing safety in commercial and industrial spaces. 

Additionally, security cages are more versatile and affordable compared to conventional fences or any other security barriers. They provide better protection overall and are easy to move, relocate or reassemble due to their modular design 

Now that we know the importance and benefits of security cages, let’s briefly talk about the different uses of cages and partitions plus the locations you’ll likely find them.  

, 7 Popular Uses for Security Cages

Manufacturing and industrial facilities 

Security cages and partitions are increasingly being used to protect warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. They’ve become very popular solutions for protecting cargo before it’s shipped, sorted or stored. 

Some firms use them exclusively while others use them as part of a well-thought-out security plan. In short, they help companies’ secure valuable inventory as only authorized persons can access the cages. In short, the chances of people accessing security cages without permission are minimal. 

Here are some of the common uses of security cages in the UK and the rest of the world. 

 Storage room protection 

A storage room is an important area in any manufacturing or industrial facility. After all, this is one of the places where companies store important supplies, materials or shipments. To secure this critical area, more and more companies are adopting the use of security cages.

, 7 Popular Uses for Security CagesThe cages are effective at limiting people from accessing the storage rooms regardless of whether they work inside or outside the facility. 

In other words, the cages make the storage rooms inaccessible to all manner of people including salespeople, technicians, truck drivers, janitors and off course the usual intruders or people who show up at a facility uninvited.

In a nutshell, these zones remain highly protected and one can access them only with the permission of an administrator. 

Other than protecting a firm’s valuables from theft, loss or pilferage, security cages also protect people from accessing hazardous locations inside a plant or commercial property. For example, unauthorized access to locations storing toxic chemicals, materials or faulty machinery can be risky if not life-threatening. Consequently, securing such locations with security cages makes sure everyone is out of harm’s way. 

Securing stock rooms 

Today, lots of companies use security cages to protect their stock or inventory rooms. These rooms contain valuable products or materials which can easily fall at the hands of thieves if the rooms are not secure. 

The use of security cages guarantees maximum protection since the barriers are made with pretty tough and long lasting materials. If you’re looking to secure your company’s inventory against theft, pilferage or vandalism, you won’t find a better alternative than wire mesh security cages. 

Data Center Protection 

Security cages are effective at protecting computer network servers. By limiting access to data centres, companies are able to protect sensitive information and vital communication infrastructure which can be costly to replace. Typically, cages that protect computer servers are well-ventilated due to the amount of heat such facilities produce. 

In addition to cages, data center protection can be enhanced by an extra layer of security in the form of partitions. Partitions ensure that technicians can only access specific servers based on the main administrator allocation. The added layer of security makes data centres safe because chances of a rogue technician tampering with other computer servers are minimized. 

And to make data centres more secure, the cages come with added features such a biometric entry, advanced locking systems and code card readers. If your data centre isn’t protected by security cages, you sensitive information could easily be breached.  

Enhancing retail space safety  

Security cages are also vital security barriers for retail shops. The cages can secure high-value inventory such as jewellery, firearms, expensive tools, etc. And as you know already know, most retail shops use glass boxes to display valuable accessories like jewellery. Unfortunately, these attractive displays are an easy target for thieves, especially if a shop is located in an insecure street. 

Cages and partitions can add an extra layer of security, which can effectively end the threat posed by smash and grab thieves. And the good thing about these cages is that they can be customized to fit all sorts of configurations and spaces.  

So your shop will still look great with the cages around. Moreover, modern cages come with smart padlocks that have advanced security features such as biometric access or code card readers. 

, 7 Popular Uses for Security Cages

Safeguarding the Office 

Do you know that you can also secure parts of your office with security cages? Well, wire mesh security cages can secure key records, documents, computer equipment and other vital spaces in the office.  

And the good thing about these cages is that they can be assembled and disassembled at your convenience provided you have the right equipment. Alternatively, you can use to the services of local technicians if you don’t have the time to set up or disassemble the cages. 

Protecting drug and pharmaceutical supplies 

Security cages are also great at securing controlled substances in industrial or manufacturing facilities. They are mainly deployed by drug manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers. Most of the cages used for this task must, however, meet stringent security requirements set by governmental bodies. 

Holding Cell 

Wire mesh cages serve as permanent or temporary holding facility for law offenders. They are normally used as prisoner holding cells in police stations, jail facilities, campus security offices, detention centres, public areas, airports, fairgrounds, etc. Law enforcement agencies like the police or civilian authorities use them to hold and restrict the movement of lawbreakers. 

Wrapping up 

Wire mesh security cages and partitions can help to reduce pilferage, protect inventory, and increase safety in various spaces like warehouses, data centres, storefronts, offices, etc. 

The cages not only secure valuable assets and inventory but they help people feel secure and relaxed. Ultimately, when you know that your valuables or assets are safe you’ll automatically have peace of mind. 

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