Security Rated Gates

Top-notch security is vital in people’s lives, but things like vandalism and break-ins rob people of the security they need.


However, with the introduction of automatic security-rated gates like secured by design automatic gates, B3 security-rated gates, A1-rated gates, Hercules automatic gates, break-ins, and other things that breach security have become a thing of the past.


This article is an insight into automatic security gates. Before you finish reading, you will understand how security-rated gates work, the types and features of automated security gates, and some of the benefits of using security gates.


But before we go into that, let’s see what an automatic security gate is.


What are automatic security gates?

Automatic security gates are high-security gates that work automatically with the help of electronically powered systems. People use this type of gate to limit access to particular areas or restrict unauthorized persons from entering certain places where the gates are. Keypads, card readers or swipers, button-operation systems, etc., are the devices for controlling security gates.


How do automatic security-rated gates work?

Automatic security-rated gates generally include the gate and an electronically controlled operator – a computerized device that opens it. The security gate and the electronic control system work in unison to guarantee that only permitted individuals access the place you mounted it.


Automatic security-rated gates work using an automatic access control system that keeps anyone from entering your property without authorization. A simplified access control system automates this procedure, saves you time, and reduces the work your security team should do.


Anybody passing through automatic security-rated gates must use a transmitter, touchpad with intercoms, pushbuttons, swipe cards, or specialized phone line connections. Automatic security gates have either mechanical or hydraulic chain drives that help to move the gate backward and forward.


Types of automatic security-rated gates

There are three different types of automatic security gates that offer a wide range of customization options for the controlling system, style, stuffing, material, and movement of the gate as it opens and closes.

They are:

  1. Swing gates

Swing gates are the most regular automatic security-rated gates – they swing in and out to let people and vehicles pass through. Swing security gates are ideal for places with large spaces. The height and width of swing gates vary – ranging from 4.2 meters and 1.2 meters for the height and width, respectively. Materials like diagonal bars, wood, or steel mesh, can practically infill swing gates.

  1. Bi-folding speed gates

Bi-folding speed gates are suitable for locations that need an air-lock or quick access to and from a place like fire stations, hospitals, and maximum security facilities. They make way for entry by stacking each gate sheet inward into itself. Bi-folding gates are suitable for places that need quick opening and closing of security gates.

  1. Sliding gates

Sliding gates are the best security gate alternative suitable for locations where swing gates would not fit. In addition, sliding security gates function effectively on sloped terrain where the ground surface is slanted upward and far from the gate.

There are various types of sliding gates according to how they slide on the floor; they are:


  • Cantilever sliding gates
  • Tracked sliding gates


Note: Remember that automatic security-rated gates are machines. If built and set up incorrectly, automated security gates can cause injuries or human fatality. As a result, security gates must be produced in compliance with relevant laws and built and serviced by professionals.


Features of automatic security-rated gates

Like other security installations in a property, automatic security-rated gates have some features for which they are known. Here are some of them:


  • Typical manual switch capability in the event of a power outage.


  • Owners can customize the front of security gates with logos or names, depending on what they do inside the premises with the automatic security gate.


  • Security gates have varieties based on how they open and close.


  • Security gates have SR1 (A1) security ratings.


  • Automatic security gates have specific and tested safety elements for crowded public areas.


  • Security gates come with several touch-sensitive category 3 security edges, protection beams, and an integrated obstruction surveillance system as standard equipment.


  • Automated security gates have commercial-grade transmission and motor systems with superior efficiency for heavy use.


  • Security-rated gates have communication systems that let guests reach the person at the facility’s front desk through GSM, wireless, or video.


  • SR2 (B3) security ratings.


  • Security gates have an emergency accessibility button for the fire department.


  • Security gates can work with CCTV and ANPR systems.


  • Owners can link their security gates to a fire and burglar alarm.


  • Approved by Secure by Design.


  • It has airlock mechanisms.


  • They have face detection and fingerprint systems.


  • Security-rated gates have dependable and slick operating systems.


  • Strong locking mechanisms.


Benefits of using automatic security-rated gates

Automatic security-rated gates offer an impermeable perimeter, with certified security ratings to ensure unauthorized persons do not enter your facility or property. The producers have safety in mine while doing them.


Security gates that have passed extensive industry assessments can help to protect your properties, valuables, and occupants from any risk. They are also crucial in defending individuals and their belongings from break-ins, physical harm, or vandalism.


What are the access-control devices on automatic security-rated gates?

Another vital part of an automated security gate is the access controllers. Access controllers for security gates are available in various sophisticated options like number pads, card swipers or readers, button-operation systems, remotes, keypads, or key fobs.  They are devices for regulating automatic security gates.


Who can install automatic security-rated gates?

The only people authorized to install and activate automated security-rated gates, such as secured by design automatic gates, B3 security-rated gates, A1-rated gates, and Hercules automatic gates, are skilled security gate engineers.


Before you set up a security gate on your property, contact professional engineers from a security-rated gates installation agency to check the premises where you want to mount the security gate before they set it up.


Where can someone set up automatic security-rated gates?

There are many places where people can install security-rated gates. Some of them are:


  • Government facilities.
  • A data center.
  • Ports.
  • Military and police websites.
  • High-security buildings.


Final Thoughts 

This article has explained the nitty-gritty of security gates and all there is to know about them. Security-rated gates such as A1-rated gates, secured by design automatic gates, Hercules automatic gates, and B3 security-rated gates are ideal for people who want high-class security for their properties.


Remember to hire competent and qualified engineers whenever you want to install an automatic security-rated gate to get the best security which is the purpose security-rated gates serve.


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