School Security System Maintenance

While it is an unfortunate reality, security in schools today has become an extremely vital need due to the number of insecurity related incidents that we continue to witness every now and then. The importance of being safe and in a protected environment cannot be highlighted enough, which is why schools today need to take active action to guarantee the security of their learners, professors, and employees. A single guard patrolling the premise is no longer enough to effectively control access of unwanted visitors to the school’s premises. A school’s security system is the foremost defence mechanism in the event of a security breach or any other potentially dangerous incidents as it can restrict, control and monitor the movement of persons, vehicles, and assets within, without and around the school’s perimeter. There are numerous benefits that can be attributed to having a well maintained and fully operational security system. Take advantage of our School Security System Maintenance Program by contacting us today.

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Benefits of Security Access Control in Schools

Some of the benefits of having a great access control system include:

  • Advance warning in the event of a breach: security systems today are fitted with alarms systems that go off and give a warning during an intrusion/ security breach. The systems enable to school to respond appropriately to the ongoing event depending on the level of breach. For example, schools can immediately lockdown the premise by pushing a single button and instantaneously making the place secure.
  • Multi-building management. Security systems facilitate the management of the school’s premises from a central location. The entrances, exits, as well as other systems such as lighting and HVAC systems in schools that have multiple buildings, can be managed can easily be managed through a multifaceted security system.
  • Zero-in on security threats becomes much easier. The advancements in the security industry have facilitated the invention of security systems that do more than sound an alarm. Schools can, for example, enforce a lockdown thanks to the dynamic mapping feature on security systems that indicate the location of the school’s locks and doors in the systems making it easy to respond to a threat.
  • Identification: Access control systems are a big part of security systems, and they can be used to identify authorized vs. unauthorized individuals on the school’s premise. It becomes easier to identify both students and staff, thus ensuring that unauthorized individuals are disallowed entry into the premise with certainty.

The benefits associated with school security systems are a handful and undeniable. It is therefore important that when it comes to choosing a service provider, you select one that can meet your requirements. It is vital that your selected service provider is one who can be trusted, is reliable, and knows what they are doing. One such company is Harling Security Solutions who are experts in physical security solutions and have been in the security business for over 20 years. Harling Security Solutions have a good number of education security products and services that will ensure the school premise is safe and secure. Below are a few of the products and services that your school will receive from Harling.


Services Offered:

Security consultation: Harling provides schools with a consultation and free quotation service where a team from the company visits the school’s premise and conducts an in-depth survey as well as have a discussion on any security-related concerns that you may have as a school. With unmatched experience and an extensive catalogue of products and services, Harling can offer advice based on the exact requirements of the premise. This will ensure that the levels of safety and security are at an all-time high.

Design Service: part of the services and solutions that Harling provides include bespoke education security design service which entails tailored made to measure solutions, for the exact needs. During the visit, the team of experts walk you through the various design options available and then walks you through the installation and operation process of the systems. Par of the bespoke solutions is to ensure that you can manage the security system of your choice and that it integrates in a way that suits you. Should you select something that a design that is currently not available, harling helps you visualize your selected solution by creating drawings of, e.g. the school gate/railing design. By doing so, you can be certain of what your security system would look like, and you can approve or disapprove of the design before it is manufactured.

Product Manufacturer: Harling is known as an industry leader when it comes to the manufacture of security products such as security gates and fencing for colleges and schools. This ensures that their customers are not only getting products of the highest quality, but they are also as per the customer’s design specifications. The school gates are usually made of steel and are typically galvanized, and powder coated to protect them from corrosion an ensure that they are durable with a maintenance free finish.

Installation and project management: Once the manufacture of your selected security system has been completed; the company provides you with a dedicated project manager who will be your point of contact all throughout the installation of your new security system. The project manager will manage the installation team and ensure that you are continually informed and updated on the progress of the installation process. He will then test the system for functionality before finally commissioning it.

Maintenance and servicing: with a wide range of servicing and maintenance packages, Harling offers quick response times and ongoing servicing and maintenance solutions for the security systems regardless of whether they installed the security system themselves or if it was by a different company. The security maintenance and servicing packages include the highest standards of risk assessments and force testing where relevant to ensure your security systems are always up to date.

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