Automatic Bifold Gates

Today, in the modern and fast-paced world the importance of ensuring the safety and security of assets and individuals cannot be stressed enough. Almost every day, the occurrence of incidences related to burglary, theft, and vandalism has increased and we hear about damage or loss occurring as a result of security lapses every other minute. Due to these reasons, it has become vital that security measures are taken in part to minimize the occurrence of such threats as well as to monitor and protect assets.

, Bi-Fold GatesSecurity measures can be categorized into several different categories including physical security. Gates are a big part of physical security as they play a crucial part in the protection of valuable assets and property. There are several types of gates and gate designs available for installation in the market today including bi-folding metal gates, sliding metal gates, metal swing gates amongst others. Each of these gates has features that are unique to them that determine the capability of the gate, however, for this article, we shall take a deep dive into bi-folding gates.


What are bi-fold gates?

Automatic bifold gates refer to a fast-acting security gate whose design puts into consideration space constraints and enables individuals to make use of their limited space and have space to park their cars while still having a gate that can open and close within the limited area. The gates can usually be operated using Intercom systems (Wireless, GSM, video and audio), Access control systems, Remote control fobs, Timer operation, Keypad entry, Key switch and push-button, Fire brigade emergency access switch, ANPR and CCTV systems, Biometric systems, Traffic light systems, Road and induction loop operation.

However, the operation options usually vary between the gate models. Additionally, they can also be linked to a BMS system and connected to fire and intruder alarms for additional security. Automatic bifold gates are available in several different models including overhead track, bottom track or trackless. Each of the models functions differently from the other and they can be either manual or automatic depending on a customer’s preference.

  • Trackless bi-folding gate: this refers to a bi-folding gate that has a unique folding system that allows the gate to open either inward or outward and does not require an overhead of ground track to fold the leaf. The trackless bi-fold gate which is also known as the cantilevered folding gate has two leaves that are hinged together, hung from a single post and fold up like a concertina. The gates are typically customizable and can be made to include spikes, barbed wire, decorative ironmongery or other features that suit a user’s preference.
  • Overhead track bi-folding gate: this refers to a gate that has a track at the top of the gate and the bi-folding leaf utilizes an overhead track as a guide for opening and closing of the gate. Often the gate’s track can be found in the overhead operator box however this is dependent on the different manufacturers.
  • Bottom track bi-folding gate: this refers to a type of bi-fold gate that utilizes a track set on the ground to fold the leaf of the gate and facilitate the gates opening and closing.

Automatic bifold gates can be applied for use in the architectural and engineering fields but more specifically to areas such as commercial industrial parks, car parks, retail shopping complexes High-security building like governmental, educational and residential areas.


Specifications and Models for the bi-fold gates

As previously mentioned, security and safety have become paramount in today’s world. Parking Facilities Limited offers its customers various specification option for the construction of the bi-folding gates. The company will typically audit and assess the client’s space and offer recommendations on which bi-folding gate would best suit their needs. Even then clients have a choice of choosing, for example, the material that they would prefer. They can, for example, choose between steel, stainless steel, galvanised, powder-coated, hardwood and softwood timber for their gates. Parking facilities limited has the following models which it offers its clients.

PF9500AD automatic bi-folding sliding gate: this is a trackless bi-folding gate that is a motor-driven gate that brags the following specifications and features including a programmable control panels in IP rated enclosures, four live monitored safety edges per leaf, a dual height safety photocells, finger trap guard between the leaves, dead man key switch operation, emergency stop button, flashing warning, lamp & manual disengaging mechanism.

The PF9500AD uses a single-phase power-driven integrated frequency converter that supplies a three-phase engine, worm and wheel gearbox, which is attached to the doorway with direct drive shaft to guarantees smooth and positive motion. The PF9500’s velocity gates are rated for a 100% service cycle which ensures that the gate can be used continuously without breaking down. This model which goes as high as 3 meters depending on the gate’s width is typically galvanized before a powder coating finish is included to complete the look. Customers can request for the gate’s infill, swinging direction, toping, colour and leaf size to be customized to their preference. The gate’s centre stop is the standard floor mount and it is fixed several meters below ground using a Standard Bolt Down & Root.

For access control on the PF9500, users can choose between the following options; remote control fobs, proximity cards, photocells, video/voice intercom admission, keypad, token acceptors, key switch, and loop detectors

PF9000 bi-folding sliding gate: the PF9000 is a trackless bi-folding gate that uses a  purpose-made codable logic controller, single-phase supply, by means of an inverter controlled output to a 3 phase motor alongside a rack & pinion system monitored by an encoder to control the different parameters of the gate such as opening times, gate speed, free exit loop operating times, passage timeout etc.

In order to show the beginning and finish of the operation cycle, proximity sensors on the primary gateway read the moving beam. The gate brags features and specifications such as a three-phase braked electric four-pole motor, dual height safety photocells, rubber profile safety edges, a Manual Release Mechanism concealed within the lockable housing unit, proximity sensors, support roller mounted to the floor, worm and wheel gearbox. As a customer, you can choose to customize the gate material, leaf size, swinging direction, toping, colour and infill. Like the PF9500AD, the gates velocity is rated at 100% service cycle to ensures that the gate functions continuously without issues.

PF9100A bi-folding gate: yet another trackless bi-folding gate, the PF9100 was designed for even smaller openings and spaces. The gate which is worked by a German Feig control panel, single-phase supply, via an integrated rate of recurrence converter output to a three-phase motor brags features and specifications such as dual height photocells and six category three monitored live safety edges, a rack & pinion system monitored by an encoder to control movement. Customers have the option of customizing their PF9100A with razorblade wire extensions, louvre or timber Infills, traffic lights, warning sirens, anti-climb spikes and even an electric fence.


Benefits of automatic bifold gates.

  • They offer added security: Believe it or not, you need not compromise on your security and safety. by incorporating bi-folding gates, you enhance your security as the gates are equipped with a locking mechanism which spreads through many points on the sliding path and is much robust than the standard gates. The fact that they are automatic also means that the gate closes promptly and as such minimizes the time that intruders may have to enter into a premise. This will greatly reduce the anxiety of property owners concerning their living space and security.
  • They are ideal for small spaces: Even if the wall room is too tiny for the standard Gates, you can still install a bi-folding gate and enjoy all the advantages that come with it. For example, you can opt to get the bi-folding gates that concertina along with the wall/ space and therefore the lack of room or space to install a gate becomes a non-issue.
  • They are aesthetically pleasing: Bi-folding gates will modernize your home and make the outside look sleek and luxurious. Since the gates are can be contrasted with the customer’s material of choice, are available in a range of styles and several colours that can either match the rest of your property or stand out to make a statement. The gate can come with bar grill, spear top, laser-cut designs, timber and timber pickets, metal pickets, standard solid fill, or open fill, scrolls, or wrought iron. You can further customize it for ornate designs of your choice in metal or wood.
  • The gates are easy to maintain as they require very low maintenance. Bi-fold gates are simple to keep as they need very little maintenance particularly if they are constructed using materials such as aluminium or UPVC rather than wood. The gates frame can be maintained by simply wiping it off occasionally and sometimes use a silicone spray in order to lubricate the runner and the lock.
  • Bi-folding gates are extremely flexible. The way the gates open in or out of a line and fold to the right or left implies that they are much more flexible when compared to a standard or sliding gate. It also helps that the bi-folding gates can be opened at any width in the framework and can be customized to determine where the gate’s leaf split open.
  • The bi-folding gates facilitate the possibility to work in challenging settings. This is because they can be implemented on a property regardless of whether the property has a sloping driveway that a standard swing gate would bottom out on, a curved and U-shaped driveway as well as short driveways and narrow blocks.
  • The bi-folding gates are easy to automate regardless of the limited or restricted spaces as it is easy to You can install surface-mounted operators on the rear of the gate leaf, or even underground if required or depending on a user’s preference.
  • The gates have quiet mechanization and run much faster. Opening your space or garage will become a quick affair as thanks to the quicker runtime that the bi-folding gates deliver. The open and close process also become less brutal as the gates function in a near-silent fashion. The fact that the gates are available with a trackless option means that there’s no need to maintain tracks or hinges that can accumulate leaves and dirt overtime resulting in noise that can grate your ears.


Conclusion and Final thoughts.

Most automatic bifold gates are usually quick and easy to install as they come fully assembled and ready to be bolted down. This plug and play ethos associated with bi-folding gates ensures that clients experience minimal disruptions while on-site and that the installation process is smooth and effortless. Because the gates typically operate to open and close at a speed that is a little over double that of a traditional swinging gate of the same size which ensures a fast throughput of traffic. The best part of the bi-folding gates is the fact that they are customizable and as such clients do not have to worry about issues such as installing a gate that does not match the aesthetic of their premise. Harling Security has both the expertise and experience to deliver hi-grade quality bi-folding gates that will give you great service for years to come. In line with their values, the company ensures that all the products are compliant to all expected UK standards and regulations. And to ascertain this, the company fully tests and certifies the gates upon completion of the installation process. Based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, the company is always at the forefront of utilizing the latest technology to ensure that its bi-fold gates can keep up with the competition. With both CHAS and Constructionline accreditations, clients can rest assured that Harling Security are reliable and can be trusted with the installation of their bi-fold gates.

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