Fever Screening Kits

Plug and play ready to use fever screening CCTV kit complete with leads and power supply

A fast simple to use fever screening CCTV kit, pre-configured and ready to use for plug and play. The kit includes a pre-configured fever screening CCTV camera, with a power supply, connection centre and leads for a quick simple installation and no wiring up.

The kit simply has a connection centre which needs only to be plugged into power and then two leads come out of the connection centre with one going to a laptop or pc and the other to the camera, which provides both power and data to the camera.

Once plugged in, simply open up your internet explorer to access the camera. The kit will allow the camera to be displayed on a laptop or pc screen and the screen will show a thermographic image as well as a normal CCTV image with the temperature overlaid on the picture of the person.

The camera will give an audio warning when a raised fever is detected on a person. The kits are for indoor or sheltered area use only (as they read skin temperature) and are ideal for reception areas or entrances to allow up to 30 people to be monitored simultaneously.

The cameras have a range of between 3 and 1.5m for fever detection (longer range cameras are available at additional cost). This means that the camera can be mounted in a suitable area and left to run and monitor pedestrians, meaning they can be monitored with social distancing, easily and cost effectively with no human input.

The cameras are available as a bullet or a turret type camera. A simple diagram to show layout and instructions of how-to browse to the camera are included in the box, complete with leads that have plugs on ready to be plugged in.

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